Science Is A Division Of Health Care

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Radiologic science is a division of health care that deals with imaging for diagnoses of diseases, broken bones, and other problems. A few examples of radiologic sciences are sonography, X-Ray, mammography, MRI, PET scan, CT scans, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, and so much more. These tests are completed using large devices that will take scans of your body, sometimes with the help of dyes and gamma rays. All of the machines are different, but have one thing in common: they all use technology! A recent advancement in X-Ray is that technology has been made to make the machines portable. This makes it more convenient for both patients and healthcare workers because the patient can simply stay in one location. The machine itself costs around $20,000 and are very compact, weighing around ninety pounds. These machines upload the scans taken via wireless internet connection and can be sent to anyone who has access, such as the patient and the doctors who have that patient. Because it is all on a screen, there is no need to physically print the X-Rays, thus saving the film from being used. Along with portable machines, hospitals and doctors’ offices are now introducing mobile phones, tablets, and laptops into the system. These are helpful because doctors, nurses, and patients can bring up their results at any time and any location, granted there is a wireless connection. Mobile devices are great in an emergency setting because it is something that is in someone’s hands
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