Science Is Not For Me

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ABSTRACT Most people when they hear of the terminology “Science” they then to flinch and react in somewhat of a negative manner. Saying things like; “I hate science”, “science is hard” or even “science is not for me”. This reaction however is a manifestation of how they were taught or introduce to the subject. In most case it was through a formal setting. Traditionally science was taught in such a manner that it tends to separate it from reality. For many there were no forms of application, no real life connection, so students did not necessarily see the importance or even the relevance. Science teachers tend to have a level of curiosity, and a driving passion for science but passion and curiosity was never conveyed to the students. However, new effort and emphasis have been given to science and the reintroduction of it into the classroom. More recently there has been a focus on introducing science in to the early childhood classroom. The growing consensus behind this notion is the findings that suggest children’s learning potential at this age. This paper proposes a question, what are the benefits if any, in introducing science as a part of the early childhood curriculum. Diving into the answer as to why science is important will reveal just how natural science is for these young students. How introducing the students to science at this tender age can actually aide in forming the basic foundation needed for science exploration. INTRODUCTION The shift of the
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