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Health Science is one of the fastest growing areas of career options and the job outlook for this field is growing. There are so many occupation included in this field from being a doctor to a midwife there is a career that can fit anyone who is thinking of health science has a field to enter. If you want a career where you can help people or even animals then this field will have it. Whether you want to directly help someone by diagnosing and treating them or come up with new technology and technique that will help the doctors save live then health science is the field for you.
Information Technology is for people who look at something like a computer and wonder how does it work and how can I make it better. I.T department can be found
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Among many over duties coordinating with the medical professional preforming the medical procedure is also an important aspect of the job.
For an Anesthesiologist you will mainly get a job in the following places; (
• Offices of physicians
• Hospitals
• Self-employed workers
• Government

The employment outlooks for an Anesthesiologist is growing, says “a total of 30510 average annual openings are expected for this occupation between 2010 and 2020.” The health science field is growing so does the demand for skilled people to fill those jobs.
When you look at the responsibilities above you can guess that this isn’t a career that you can get into overnight. It takes years of schooling and training to even start coming close to this career goal. Here is the following step needed for education;
• Beginners will have to take two to four years in an undergraduate college
• Four years getting their medical degree
• Four years receiving training in an certified residency program for anesthesiologists
• One year of fellowship in which they specialize in one of the subsections of anesthesiology
• Take a written and oral exam of the American Board of Anesthesiology to
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