Science Is The Mystery And Morality Of Human Existence

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Science has given us lot of great toys to make our everyday work easier and more efficient. But still, science could not provide us with a peace of mind. Scientific analysis has undermined the mystery and morality of human existence. On the other hand, art and religion inspires people. It gives people joy and a purpose to life. This has been the main argument of the given passage. The main theme of this passage is that science has destroyed the unity between man and the numinous. According to the passage, science do not bring any inner peace to human life, rather it is art and religion which brings happiness to men. From the very first line of this passage, professor has been really critical about science. The professor is not denying the gifts of science, but according to him, science has not augmented our life’s pleasure in any way. Science has given us many clever discoveries, which has only made our skills to perform a task better. It has made our life comfortable, not happy. In his own words, he said, “I don’t myself think much of science as a phase of human development. It has given us a lot of ingenious toys; they take our attention away from the real problems” (54). According to the professor, science is only a distraction. He admits that the problems of this world are insoluble and science takes our mind away from it, and it might be a good thing. But the fact of the matter is, human mind reacts more to art, music and “dwelling on the old riddles” than to scientific
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