Science Is The Pursuit Of Value And Meaning Essay

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Science and religion have a complicated relationship in modern society. In this paper, I argue that science and religion are non-overlapping; science is the pursuit of truth in the natural world, and religion is the pursuit of value and meaning. This position is based largely on Stephen Jay Gould’s NOMA, and it seeks to address weak areas of his argument. In order to properly defend this position, I will define science and religion, establish that they’re exclusive to their domains, present an argument for the necessity of both, and demonstrate that conflicts between the two arise only when they make illegitimate claims of the opposite domain. Science is a multifaceted pursuit of knowledge that seeks to explain phenomena in many different domains of the natural world. The collection and interpretation of scientific data relies on a procedure known as the scientific method, a process by which a scientist can make an observation, form a question, state a hypothesis, create an experiment, analyze information, and draw a conclusion regarding an aspect of the natural world. This universal guideline presents many benefits. Of these, consistency is perhaps the most important. Consistency helps unite the scientific community in the pursuit of knowledge. Any claim published by one scientist can be examined and repeated by another scientist using the same method. A hypothesis may be regarded as a theory if it is a well-supported claim about the natural world based on facts that
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