Science, Math, And Music Centers

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The three content areas that I will be focusing on is science, math, and music centers. The science to children is finding out about different things about the everyday world that is around the children. Science is an active open-ended search for children for new knowledge. The major goal is to foster and support the intellectual development that makes up a child’s preschool years. These developments include receptive and the child’s expressive language skills of the children, self-regulation, and attention regulation. The hands-on type activities of science let the teachers observe and can respond to the child’s strengths and their needs. Science helps in language and literacy by adding non-fiction books that are a foundation for…show more content…
The opportunities that are there for the receptive and the expressive language are such as text, productive graphic ideas that are represented which can be both drawn and written. The literacy is integrated in science in the class daily. The science focused teacher is reading every day to the children. how to integrate language and literacy materials and strategies to support preschool children. The children make graphs, charts, make books, and dramatize their ideas (French, 2002). Children can keep a journal to record different data they see. The children can use drawing and words to document like the life cycle of the butterfly (French, 2002). Children need time to talkabout what they see and observe and then they will compare what they see and observe with peers and adults. Learning science can give knowledge that will be essential for reading comprehension (French, 2002). Literacy is important in everyday lives. If a child cannot read or write they won’t be able to function in society. It is important to integrate literacy in all parts of the curriculum. Math is good for both reading and writing. Doing read-aloud to the children helps familiarize them to different types of literature, and it can also help in the children listening and their concentration skills. Choose books that have mathematical content can introduce the children to concepts in math. Math start books are a good source of math material for preschool children. Story
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