Science Math And Science Standards

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This week 's math and science lesson focused on magnetism and incorporated both math and science standards, per the Arizona Early Learning Standards. The lesson started with reading a book regarding magnetism, entitled What Makes a Magnet? by Franklyn M. Branley. After the read aloud, students were dismissed for centers and groups of five students circulated through completing the lesson activity. For this lesson, the objective and sub-objectives were as follows:
• After completing this lesson, students will be able to sort magnetic and nonmagnetic objects by using a magnet with 100% accuracy. o Students will define the following vocabulary words: magnet, magnetic, nonmagnetic o Students will be able to use a magnet to find magnetic objects. o Students will sort objects that are magnetic into one group and nonmagnetic into another group.
The lesson objectives were clear and measurable. While reading What Makes a Magnet?, vocabulary and comprehension questions were asked to ensure there was a conceptual understanding of the terms “magnetic” and “nonmagnetic.” These definitions were imperative for a student to know, as they would not be able to sort objects correctly without understanding the concept. Once the students could differentiate between the two groups, students would use a magnet wand to test the objects. This shows that the students could use tools to investigate. Lastly, the students were to sort the objects tested into two groups, placing the objects in either a…
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