Science Meets Real Life: A Scientific Experiment

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Running Head: SCIENCE MEETS REAL LIFE: SCIENTIFIC METHOD Science Meets Real Life Part 1: Scientific Method Scenario 1 Step 1: Observation/Research If I arrive home late at night and light does not come on, several thoughts will come into my mind. These thoughts will guide me how to do further research and move ahead. At first, I will go out and check if my neighbors' light is working. If it is working than it means problem is only with my light. I will come back home again and use my cell phone flash light to enter in other rooms. I will try to switch on other lights because may be the lamp I was trying is fused. When none of the lights will work, I will open the electricity main circuit box located in the TV lounge. I will try to move the circuit breaker in the box assuming that there might be some problem in it. If the circuit breaker is hard to move or not moving at all, it will confirm that, the problem is in the circuit breaker. Step 2: Hypothesis Looking at the above situation, I will make hypotheses in my mind that "Changing the circuit breaker will solve the light problem". Step 3: Prediction I will make above hypotheses based on prediction that while I was not home, something went wrong with the electric voltage due to which my circuit breaker changed its position. Now the circuit breaker is stuck and cannot come back to its place, due to which electricity cannot reach my home. Step 4: Experiment In order to solve this issue, I will conduct an experiment
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