Science Merit And Scientific Merit

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Unit 10 DB 1 Concept of Scientific Merit Introduction As future scholars, we tend to hear a lot about Scientific Merit. But, that same old question might pop in our mines, which is should this learner even care or worry about scientific merit? We are told that without any scientific merit, that our research that we have worked so hard on cannot be considered a valid research without it, and if we are at the end part of our schooling/studies, and hope to receive an approval from the IRB for our research proposal, that will not happen if it is missing. Therefore, within this paper, we will discuss scientific merits, explain the dimensions of scientific merit, discuss the aspects of the study that was chosen for the Scientific Merit, and choose an area of scientific merit that we could have improved. Scientific merit Scientific merit is considered as a way to examine if our research study represents good science. Therefore, we will need to make sure that any research we are working on, clearly states the research questions and its overall objectives. The research should also include the contextual data that will also have peer-reviewed literature to support why the research is needed. We also should make sure that if human beings are being used as participants, that their privacy and safety will be respected, and if there is any possibility of harm, no matter how small it is, and the benefit and risks whether indirect or direct for the partakers in the study needs to be very
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