Science Of Biology And The Greatest Conflict

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Religion has been a source of conflict in this world since the Bible proclaimed “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." There would be other conflicts that would arise because of religion and thousands if not millions would die because Sara sent her handmaiden, Hagar, to Abraham’s bed and conceived Ishmael. Conflict has defined humankind since the dawn of time and the greatest conflict has been: how did it all begin? Intelligent Design is yet another challenger to creationism and evolution as its proponents believe that it has the best answer to the dilemma of origination.
The conflict began because of the science of biology and the need to educate young men and women. The great question that everyone wants to know is
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The separation of Church and State has kept Creationism from the textbooks of American children.
Creationist believe the book of Genesis life started on earth approximately 10,000 years ago and humankind are all descendants of Adam and Eve. These beliefs are lost to science class and must be taught in Sunday School instead of the classroom. It must be noted that there are holes in creationist theory such as the inconsistencies in the Bible about the progeny of Adam and Eve and the inability to address the fossilized remains of dinosaurs and Paleolithic man. This evidence, many believe, move the creationist theories to the category of Greek mythology and its belief that the world was created by a golden egg laid by Nyx, a large black bird. Life did exist 500 million years ago during the Cambrian Period. These facts are not addressed in the Bible and many people believe that the fossils are “plaster casts” designed to fabricate history and even an entire scientific area of study.
The Creationist are steadfast in their beliefs and refuse to yield. Yet Intelligent Design and Creationist are similar in that if you substitute “intelligent agent” for God then you have the same thing. The conflict in Dover in many ways was a means, some believe, for the Creationist to insert their beliefs in the classroom. The belief that the universe was created
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