Science Of Fat By Angela Gutman

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Angela Gutman Science of Fat This lecture talks about the science of fat. It starts off by telling us that we will learn what impact science has on helping with obesity as well as creating obesity. The lecture begins with discussing obesity, and whether it is a disease, and what impact hereditary has on one’s weight. Jeffrey M. Friedman, the speaker, discovered the genetic basis for obesity when they identified and cloned leptin, a hormone secreted by fat tissue. In one of his experiments he tried to identify what genes made mice obese. Through research and experiments he duplicated the hormone leptin and made mice obese. Leptin has showed us how nature counts calories. Before starting his lecture Dr. Friedman tells us a little bit of…show more content…
Men with a BMI 25 are overweight, and men with a BMI of 30 are obese. The problem with BMI is that it doesn 't differentiate between fat from fat or muscle, and it also doesn 't take into account age. The three main causes of obesity are having a lack of willpower, having a lifestyle problem, or having a biological problem. Not only one of these factors are at play, rather, they normally work together. When asked what the main cause of obesity was, the audience thought the answer was lifestyle. By the end of the lecture most of the students minds had changed. As Dr. Friedman continued he started to talk about basic drives and how long you can hold out on eating, drinking, sleeping, etc. His point was to prove that you can only hold out on basic drives for so long. He begins an experiment by handing out twinkies, and asking everyone to not eat them until the end of the lecture, further proving the basic drive to eat when you are hungry. He then connects this drive back to the reason that leads many diets to fail after one to two years. Dr. Friedman says there 's so much variability in weight because of genes. He continues on to say that genes play a very big part in obesity. He explains how one isolates traits, to prove if they are genetic .The example of this was using twins who are raised in different environments, to show how similar they are or how dissimilar they
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