Science Personal Statement

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My love for science dates back to the early years of my life. I can vividly recall investigating my enclosed muddy backyard for anything and just about everything that stood out from the average city life. I can recall teaming up with my neighbors and cutting open worms in hopes of discovering their multiple hearts, and I can recollect my seven-year-old self helping my grandmother in the garden and finding a strong interest in the plants as they grew.
I have always been one to try new things; I was always looking for answers to my curiosity. There were always so many new things to discover and I wanted to be the first to do it. I was often found outdoors from sunrise to sunset. I did not care if I got muddy, and I also did not care for the most popular doll on the market. I wanted to learn. As I grew older, however, my interests went from simple to more complex. I was placed into high biology and chemistry classes as soon as they were available. I began to learn more biological vocabulary and the study of life grew increasingly difficult. I enjoy a challenge,
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I stayed involved in school activities, I worked a part-time job, kept my G.P.A up, and I still managed to spend time with family and friends. My academic path was also interrupted by many obstacles. I was challenged with gender and ethnic inequality inside the classroom, difficult course choices and, most challenging, emotional issues. Beginning in my second year of high school, I began to feel exhausted and anxious. It was during this time that my headstrong motivation began to quiver. However, I managed to persevere without help from others. I continued to push myself forward, and eventually, I managed to feel better again. I surrounded myself with busy work, good people, positive thoughts, and eventually I was able to get back on track and work towards what I viewed as most
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