Science Project Synthesis Essay

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For this year’s science project, I would like to test the effects of both mineral and commercial sunscreens on human skin and coral reefs. In current news, the island chain and United States’ state, Hawaii is planning on banning common sunscreens for the detrimental effects on the coral reefs. I would like to test the sunscreens for the detrimental effects on human skin as well to answer the common question, “Why should I care?” With this project, I will be able to educate the public on not only the effects of chemicals on marine life, but also on humans as well. Also, determine if there is a way not to wear sunscreen at all and still be protected from the sun’s UV rays.
In this experiment, I will be testing the effects of both chemical (commercial) sunscreens and mineral (alternative) sunscreens on human skin. Chemical and mineral sunscreen act in completely different ways. According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), chemical sunscreens contain chemicals that act as endocrine disruptors, are estrogenic, and may interfere with thyroid and other hormone processes in the body. The most common chemical in these sunscreens
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The subjects on the diet will be given two weeks of the “sunscreen” diet for bodily preparations to withstand the strenuous sun exposure during the trials. The subjects using the sunscreen will be using the same chemical or mineral sunscreen for each trial. Before the trials even start, each subject needs to check with their doctor to see if they are qualified for this type of testing. I will be conducting this experiment in, I believe, that is the most appropriate setting, the beach. This environment is where people get most of their sunburns for the direct sunlight people get during their recreation
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