Essay about Science Research Project (Solar Energy)

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According to my research about solar energy I recommend that FPL develop more solar energy production facilities and assist individual homeowners in applying solar panels to their homes. My recommendation is based on many factors. One of the major factors for considering solar energy is that Florida is almost always sunny. There are about 8 hours of sunlight for a normal day and it seems logical to harness the sun’s energy for our needs.
When storing solar energy it makes more sense to connect to a utility grid and sell the excess power to a utility company because the batteries that store solar energy are very expensive and large. There is one disadvantage to this system because the power company will not buy the electricity at the same
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The manufacturing of large quantities of photovoltaic cells will require new manufacturing plants with jobs for hundreds of people. Large solar facilities can produce 75 megawatts or 75 million watts of electricity which is equal to lighting 1,250,000 60 watt light bulbs for a year. A solar energy center such as Martin’s can power at least 11,000 homes without putting any CO2 into the atmosphere. Unlike wind farms, solar energy systems do not create noise because there are no movable parts in a solar panel.
Solar panels work by converting sunlight into DC electricity. These panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that are made into a panel by electrically connecting them. A large amount of these panels are connected together creating an array that provides electricity to consumers. The word photo means light and the word voltaic means electricity. When these words are put together it makes light electricity. Solar panels were originally used in space to power satellites. The photovoltaic cells are made out of silicon which is a semiconductor. When light is shined on the silicon it is transferred into electrical energy. The sunlight causes an electron to come free from the solar panel and flow freely that creates a current. The metal contacts connecting to the solar panels let the current flow into an electrical grid.
Solar energy is renewable and sustainable because it uses the sun’s

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