Science Revolutions and Inseases in Inventions Essay

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Science Revolutions and Inseases in Inventions

Over the past millennium there have been several significant scientific revolutions that have led to an increase in the amount of inventions within that field of science. Yet some scientific revolutions have been restricted to a containment of research within the field and thus meant that no inventions have occurred. Specific reasons for the increase in research are basically because new inventions can help the needs of humans, yet the argument against the increase of inventions is because some revolutions are not accepted or cannot be researched any further.

The argument can be supported with a significant amount of evidence that shows that
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Although he sparked off a scientific revolution which saved human lives his theory was largely ignored as doctors found it hard to accept that they were killing there patients and that diseases were contagious and transferable. But eventually Semmelweis's ideas did create new inventions such as the Penicillin founded by Fleming, the discovery of soap by Marie Curie also supported the arguments that Semmelweis proposed. His revolution was seen as an inspiration to Florence Nightingale who became a hero during World War I for her life saving discoveries.

The scientific revolution that Francis Crick and James Watson set off is a clear example that if a scientific revolution occurs it will cause an increase in the amount of inventions. Crick and Watson discovered the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and recognized how two pairs of complementary bases would have identical shapes if held together by hydrogen bond. The find was seen as the discovery of the century and it meant that Crick and Watson had little difficulty for others to accept their discovery. The discovery sparked off many new inventions and industries, the find meant that Genetically Modified food could be made, cloning of humans and animals was accomplishable and it helped to create new medicines to save lives.

Although it can be said that there are

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