Science Supporting Mental Illness And The Diagnosis Thereof

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There has been many strides in the field dedicated to the science supporting mental illness and the diagnosis thereof. Today there exists two widely adopted methodologies to diagnosing and classifying mental disorders amongst psychology and psychiatry professionals. One process; the ICD-10 (International Statistical Classification of Disease), which is maintained by the World Health Organization, was adopted by the United Nations with the introduction of the first section on Mental Health in the 1949 publication of ICD-6. The DSM-5 is the second, it was introduced by the APA (American Psychological Association) in 1952. While both methods of discernment have been greatly useful in furthering the science to aiding those who suffer from mental illness, it is important to note that it is not my intention to deduce any form of resolve that suggests my stance is a claim of fact that the phenomena of mental illness, to include the extensive fields surrounding the mental health sciences, are in any way fictitious or embellished. In my opinion, there is no question that undeniable proof that there are in fact individuals whom suffer and struggle daily from the ramifications of overwhelming social and psychological quagmires. However, it is important to recognize the palpability between the overlapping and, at times, contradictory interpretation of ‘diagnosable-codes’ present in the process of reaching a deduced and conclusive interpretation of a patient’s behavior(s) and/or

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