Science Versus Pseudoscience : Science Vs. Pseudoscience

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BSC 1020 – Homework Unit A

Science vs. Pseudoscience

This homework is worth 25 points of the 900 points available in the course.

Please use the textbook, the PPT lecture handout of Chapter 1, and internet to answer the following six questions:

1) What are the steps of the scientific method? (4 points)

The scientific method contains several steps which are as follows.
1. Ask a question
2. Do some background research
3. Create a hypothesis
4. Test your hypothesis by experimentation
5. Analyze the data and come to a conclusion
6. Communicate your results
2) Explain the difference between science and pseudoscience. (4 points)

Science and Pseudoscience differ in many ways. Science uses experimentation to accept or reject the hypothesis being tested while pseudoscience only looks for evidence to support the hypothesis often ignoring conflicting evidence. In science reproducible results are required before coming to a conclusion while in pseudoscience will often fail to successfully reproduce similar results. Science also argues with scientific information based of experimentation while pseudoscience lacks scientific evidence when supporting ideas. All and all the two contrast in many ways these being some of the most prominent.

3) List three examples of pseudoscience (other than astrology). Explain in 1-2 sentences why you consider them so. (3 points) 1. Hollow Earth: This suggests the earth is entirely hollow or partially hollow and a certain subterranean
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