Science and Religion: Our Attitudes Today Are Tomorrow's Future

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There are many scientific fields of study, or branches of science. Science itself is knowledge about a topic. There are physics science (interactions of physical science and natural), astronomy and space science, math science, chemistry science, medicine science, and measurements and weight science. Natural science, also known as scientific method is a more disciplined way of studying the world. This is also known as social science.
Fields of study under natural and/or social science are physics, geology, biology, chemistry, political science, anthropology, sociology, criminology, economics, philosophy, psychology and many more. These are more or less based on empirical research data leading to an approach for truth, not to be
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This takes us back to faith and a new adventure in physics and scientific method. Theory as applied to science is truth based on empirical evidence, however the word theory is arbitrarily thrown around by the public as meaning “supposedly the truth” as is the phrase “physical evidence” as physical also encompasses life. Hypocritically speaking, the modern world is built around the word “theory” and yet how many people have any reality of this word and what they actually live by ? Public attitudes reflect controversy, conflict and confusion. Modern science is not only about knowledge of the subject but is about the way of pursuing the subject or a “way of life theory” in many aspects as opposed to a religious way of life. In an anthropic society such as the United States, human wellness is the terminology of the day. Believe or do not believe in modern science and/or religion and you are still living a modern science “theory” mainly in the West. The United States is a modern science country that strives to create a way of life under the label “modern science”also with the arbitrarily thrown around word “freedom” beside it. Thank God or modern science for plenty of human wellness medicine while in transition of a future of climatology awareness awakening! It is difficult to tell the difference between “clean” and “dirty”, “mentally or physically healthy” , “mentally or physically unhealthy”, too much

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