Essay on Science in Science Fiction

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Science fiction has been defined many different ways over the years, though no clear definition has come out on top. There are many different aspects to science fiction and what it consists of. The most popular and recognizable characteristics are science, technology, time travel, scientific method, different worlds, and catastrophe. By including these it helps the reader identify the story as a work of science fiction. Because science fiction’s primary focus is science, it comes naturally that it becomes the main focus of the story. The way an author decides to depict the use of science varies greatly from story to story. Some may choose to use science in a good way, while others may show the negative impacts science could have. In “Nine …show more content…
After the nine clones die Kaph is left with Martin and Pugh. In the story Kaph says, “I am nine-tenths dead. There is not enough of me left alive” (Le Guin 468). Because the closest things to him, the clones, are gone Kaph feels as if he cannot go on, thus pushing him into further isolation from Martin and Pugh. Le Guin creates alienation between the humans and clones, and then works to bring them together. Towards the end of the story, Kaph asks Pugh if he loves Martin, to which Pugh replies that he does. He then tells Kaph that he does not have to leave, and that he can continue with Pugh and Martin on their mission (Le Guin 475). This small gesture leads to Kaph feeling less isolated; he feels as though he may have a chance at life without his clones. It also leads to a more emotional viewing of Kaph by the readers. Instead of seeing him as just a clone, readers can begin to see that he actually does have feelings.
Le Guin’s heroes are of a “divided allegiance” and “ha[ve] responsibilities to his own culture and to the culture he visits” (Huntington 237). Although they may not want to admit it to one another, Martin, Pugh, and Kaph have some dependability on each other. The science is the major cause of that dependability which, in the end, leads to a deeper connection for the three. Without their initial differences, Martin and Pugh being human and Kaph being a clone, they would not have had the
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