Essay on Science vs. Religion

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Religion versus science, the debates and conflicts have been on for centuries. For both religious and scientific ideals, the faith people have drives them. In this paper, I will examine the story of “The Eye of Apollo” by G.K. Chesterton, and the episode “House vs. God” of House, M.D., in order to question this conflict. The main character—Father Brown—in “The Eye of Apollo” combines his reasoning with his religious ideals and beliefs, or we can say his faith in God leads him to the truth of the crime. However, if we try to have a deeper look at the both the rational and religious sides of Father Brown, his perspectives on the immortality and justice are similar to Dr House, who interprets his rationality based on science. Thus both the …show more content…
Father Brown finally points out the truth that Kalon kills Pauline with his setup based on Miss Stacey being blind in order to get her money. Miss Pauline’s sister, Joan Pauline, is also part of the crime according to Father Brown, who has also taken advantage of her sister’s blindness and played trick on the will. We can easily find Father Brown’s interpretation about “truths”. People apparently will recognize him as a rational and religious person who is a skeptic of pure “sciences”, however, not necessarily the scientific methodology. Upon learning the new religion mentioned by Flambeau, Father Brown holds his doubts about the religion of Apollo: he doubts seriously on whether “it can cure the one spiritual disease”. Father Brown actually has found Kalon is the murderer before he learns what is the tragedy. As he says: “there came a crash and a scream down the street, and the priest of Apollo did not start or look around… I know that he was expecting it” (The Eye of Apollo). This kind of distrust as presented by him conveys his skeptical approach to things. Father Brown’s skepticism for and tendency to reject the Apollo religion reflect his belief: the pure science and the new religion are both considered as superstitions. On the other side, the reasons lying behind the crimes, according to Father brown, are driven by the inner desires of human, or we can say, it is the “devil” that made
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