Scientific Advances in Society and Conflict Essay

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Scientific Advances in Society and Conflict

In order to respond to the above statement fully, I have chosen three different examples of "scientific advances" that have had a major effect on society in the recent years. These are Animal Experimentation, Cloning and Cryogenics. I will be giving a brief definition of each term, and then describing the conflicts they cause, highlighting the arguments for and against.

Animal experimentation has caused many a conflict within society.

As many as 2.5 million animals were experimented on in 2000. Although there were twice as many in the 1970s, many people and animal rights campaigners have protested against any form of animal experimentation.
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Another topic I will be evaluating will be the field of 'Cryogenics'.

The whole idea of cryogenics dates back to the ancient Egyptians where they practised the art of 'mummification', hoping that the person will go onto an afterlife.

As scientific developments go, bodies are now frozen solid in liquid nitrogen. Scientists and patients alike are hoping that one day in the future, technology would have advanced to the extreme of reviving a 'dead' patient.

This has sparked off many conflicts with society having mixed opinions about cryopreservartion.

Some argue that it is impossible to bring a dead person back to life. Many religious arguments support this by stating that God is the only one that takes away life as it is God's will. Bringing someone back to life is against God's will and therefore, a sin.

Others would say science is advancing tremendously. They would argue that as many as seventy patients have been preserved and another eight hundred have already made the preparations to have cryopreservation when needed.

People concerned about the effects of cryogenics may argue that it is uncertain as to what the future will be like if they do manage to revive a dead
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