Scientific Management Essay

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Scientific Management This essay will critically evaluate the scientific management’s importance and its contribution in the current management context. In this era of rapid economic development and industrial expansion of different nations, scientific management has enabled every nation to be involved in this global market. Scientific management is the theory which serves as the ‘backbone’ to many current management theories. Scientific management will be briefly described initially. After that, the essay will identify why scientific management is an important contribution to management theory when Frederick Taylor proposed it. Finally, the essay will investigate why scientific management continues to be significant in this rapid…show more content…
If the task requires taller and huge-sized workers to perform, they should be selected in terms of size and height. This will ensure that the tasks are performed by the suitable workers only. The managers should always cooperate with their employees well to ensure their work is properly done. The efficient and correct way of doing the tasks should be taught to the employees to ensure all tasks are performed efficiently without any mistakes that cause delay in time and wastage. The work and responsibility should be divided properly according to the talents and ability of the employees. Tasks will be performed efficiently if the employees have the ability to perform them. Before Frederick Taylor proposed scientific management, the management theory at that time was not efficient enough to initiate the manufacturing process (Wren, 1994, p. 107). There were no factories or assembly lines to produce massive product in a short time. Wren (1994, p. 107) pointed out that the industry was suffering bad conditions such as worker restriction of output, poor management system and lack of harmony between workers and managers. Taylor proposed his theory to solve the bad situation at that time. The following are the reasons of why scientific management was an important contribution to management theory when Taylor proposed it. Firstly, Taylor solved the problem of soldiering. Soldiering was the main reason which restricted the
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