Scientific Management vs Human Relations

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Throughout history, there have been many different approaches of management theories. Some theories longer exist because they are no longer relevant in today’s environment, but some theories are still implemented like Scientific Management and Human Relations. Scientific management emphasizes on efficiency productivity by motivating workers with monetary rewards. Human relations emphasize on motivation of workers by both financial rewards and a range of social factors (e.g. praise, a sense of belonging, feelings of achievement and pride in one’s work).

Scientific management uses incentives to motivate workers. This idea comes from Henry Gantt who introduced the bonus system, which motivated workers to complete their daily tasks by
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Therefore social working condition was improved greatly in order to support informal relationship within workers.

Discuss the relevance of these approaches to business management view

In today’s environment, Human Relations seem to be more relevant to the business management than scientific management. Scientific management looks for the efficiency of productivity of the workers. Human Relations is more concern on the workers’ need, which will change over the years. It shows that human relation approach is more acceptable to the world today, as well as the ability to adapt to the constant changing of the worker needs.

Today world is continually changing, likewise with workers’ needs and environments; they tend to change in their value too. Workers want to have self-respect from other, as well as their basic necessities of life. As for managers, they have to fulfill workers need for higher performance and to fight ever-growing competition. In other words, workers are looking for job satisfaction but scientific management view worker as a ‘Rational Economic Man’ who is only motivated by money, so human relation is more relevant in today’s business management.

The relevancy of “one best way” matters which was reputed by the Gilbreth couple to business management view is we can look at the example of hotel organizations such as Shangri-La hotel, where its managers makes use of standard recipes and performance standard
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