Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method Utilizing The Scientific Method SCI110, Introduction to Science May 1, 2015 The Scientific method is a process that scientists use to solve a problem. It generally involves four distinct steps that constitute the “Scientific Method”. This paper describes the steps of the scientific method, and its application in a real-world scenario we experienced. Step 1: Formulating a Problem Formulating a problem can range from simple to difficult solutions to a problem. In order to solve a problem, you must first know what the problem is. To begin with we can determine what the problem is not, just based on facts known by yourself, coworkers, friends or family. By asking a question, eliminating…show more content…
When the water level in the sump pit rises, this switch turns on the pump. This pumps the water out of the pit and into a pipe which ejects the drainage water out of the house and (hopefully) far away from the house.” With the sump pump installed, we waited for severe rainstorms to hit before observing the results. After one light storm, there was no flooding. But after a second, more severe storm, the floor continued to take on water, which led us to the Conclusion that either the flooding was not due to the rising water table, or the sump pump was ineffective at stopping the rising water table. At that point we decided to observe the flow of water outside during the next big storm. When it finally hit, we went outside and observed a significant amount of water flowing straight down the wall just outside the walkway, from the top of the walkway under the deck. Once again, the walkway floor took on water. We revised our Hypothesis to state that the basement walkway was flooding due to water flowing directly down the exterior wall, underground, where it entered gaps in the wall to the walkway. Our solution to test the Hypothesis was to install a gutter under the deck, under the flashing which separated the walkway roof to the walkway exterior wall. This would catch rain water and funnel it away from the wall, therefore preventing water from flowing directly down the wall where it could enter the walkway
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