Scientific Method and Research

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1- The _________ variable is the presumed cause of another variable while the ________ variable is the presumed effect. * a) independent; dependent b) dependent; independent c) independent; extraneous d) independent; mediating 2- A(n) ______________ variable is one that is not under the control of the researcher but that may be influencing the outcome of the experiment. a) independent * b) extraneous c) mediating d) moderating 3-A researcher is interested in the effects of teaching styles on learning. She randomly assigns students to either a lecture-based …show more content…
c) operational definitions reduce the abstract concept to a trivial level, making broad interpretations difficult at best 5. d) because they tend to use other species, the results are usually irrelevant to human 6. behavior 7. 8. 19) Which of the following would not be considered a field experiment? 9. a) effects of computer-based instruction on computing confidence in a teacher training 10. program 11. * b) effects of music on memory performance among introductory psychology students 12. c) effects of self-selected incentives on productivity among auto workers 13. d) effects of television violence on playground aggression among kindergarteners. 14. 15. 20) What is the main difference between experimentation done in a field setting and experimentation done in a laboratory? 16. a) in field experimentation, variables are not manipulated 17. b) in field experimentation, no attempt is made to control extraneous variables 18. * c) in field experimentation, the setting is "real life" and not contrived d) in field experimentation, one can study only a small number of people An increasing number of researchers are conducting experiments
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