Scientific Paper Summary And Analysis

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Alexis Taylor Mrs. Cardosi Honors Biology 24 September 2015 Scientific Paper Summary and Analysis The lab 's intention was to discover particular nutrients in an array of foods, typically found in the American diet. Of course, humans need a certain percentage of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins for preserving energy. Before beginning the study, research was needed. The authors stated that while it 's impossible for energy to be made or destroyed, it can change form. Energy can be found in carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. Carbohydrates, such as starch and glucose, store energy. Lipids (oils and fats) have double the amount of energy as carbohydrates, making them ideal for an energy boost. Important lipids, like polyunsaturated fats, contribute in regulating blood clots and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Proteins are vital in most physiological processes. Simple and complex proteins are critical in accelerating reactions. In this lab, there were three hypotheses: Does food coloring affect the nutritional analysis through reagent testing; what food item has proportional composition for all six food compounds; and are foods that have proportional composition for the six food compounds equate to the most reliable source of energy. Reagents were used as indicators to detect the presence of certain nutrients, with the reagents changing the color of the known solution, resulting in a specific color indicating the positive response. Each of the food
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