Scientific Process Purpose

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This unit’s purpose is to help us understand how to make thorough conclusions and use the scientific process to understand how our world works.

We do this by taking precise measurements and data, by evaluating our analysis, and using and practicing the scientific process in our world.

In our measurement lab we learned that is ‘s impossible to have the exact value of an object or material without making any kind of miscalculation, researchers say that “the human eye can only estimate to one-tenth of the smallest mark shown in a measurement instrument”. For the conclusion to be rational, we are required to state whether or not our thesis is correct, identify all the errors, and declare what can be improved in the project.

In many of our lectures our teachers has stated that scientists must be critical to their own analysis, the main goal of an experiment is to prove your own hypothesis in accuracy as done before in the past and is still happening in the present scientist are spending countless days and
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It became by the curiosity of human nature or luck, the scientific method is made up of Ten steps, sometimes you will have no choice and need to go back if your hypothesis is disproven and collect data along the way if here is a problem in your experiment until you finally analyze the data.

In conclusion the purpose of this unit is for us to understand how to accomplish thorough conclusions and use the scientific process. We do this by taking accurate measurements and data in our measurement lab. We can also evaluate our analysis that every scientist has to be forthcoming with new information and has to prove that their thesis is wrong. We can also use and practice the scientific process in our world to answer what we have yet to
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