Scientific Racism and Antisemitism

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Nazism, or “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” was a form of fascism that incorporated scientific racism and antisemitism; National socialism opposed ideas of equality and international solidarity. This united rich and poor Germans for a common national project without eliminating class differences. “Volksgemein Schaftor or people’s community”. Theories of racial hierarchy and social darwinism asserted the superiority of an Aryan Master race. The nazis sought to “exterminate” or at the very least impose segregation upon groups they considered to be “degenerate”. Some such groups were jews, homosexuals, blacks and the mentally and physically handicapped. By the early 1920’s Adolf Hitler had become the movement’s leader and assumed control of the organization. The organization called for a united “Greater Germany” that would deny citizenship to Jews or those of Jewish descent. In Mein kampf, written in 1924, Hitler said Nazism preserved “pure’ elements from the left and the right in politics.

The ideology of Hitler’s Nazism was based upon the idea of the Aryan Race being the so-called “Master Race”. The Aryan Race was a grouping of European and Western Asian Heritage, or also known as Caucasian Heritage. There a five main subtypes of the Aryan Race: Nordic, Mediterranean, Dinaric, Alpine, and East Baltic. Those people were defined physically with blonde or light brown hair and usually blue or green eyes, with some exceptions. Their psychological qualities also
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