Scientific Reports And Discoveriesalways Attract The Media.

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Scientific reports and discoveries always attract the media. Multiple cases have been turned into media reports. One case is the issue that “Smoking During Pregnancy Seems to Alter Fetal DNA”. With this case there are numerous reports written as well as scientific research. There is a very distinct difference in news reports on the issue and actual scientists reporting their tests and hypotheses.In order to understand the differences one must first consider the rhetorical model. The author’s exigence or purpose for writing, as well as the intended audiences can make a major difference in the writing of the issue. After taking the rhetorical model into consideration one can realize this issue is one of many issues that can harm fetuses…show more content…
The reason for doing this is the news reporter’s exigence, or reason for writing the article is to just provide the public with a story and explain the most important details to try to get the public interested in their stories. The news reporter also has a deeper exigence beyond just writing a story, the news reporter gets paid accordingly to how popular their reports are, therefore in reality, news reporters write to get paid, rather than to make a difference in the scientific community. The article goes on to say that the research “may help improve understanding” , in this news report stating that it may help, just provides the reader with the thought that the writer doesn’t clearly know the findings just what they have read on the issue, whereas the scientific report intelligibly states the facts because the news reporter is in a discourse community of just writing and reporting, no scientifically based knowledge is needed in their field, so reporters don’t need to know much about what they are reporting on, as long as they know the most important details. There are other substantial contrasts between the two as well. In a news report the writer or reporter is only skilled in the expertise of media and whatever path of schooling and research they took, in contrast the scientist has an educational background and knows more about studies and science in general. Therefore the scientist knows more about how

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