Scientific Thinking, Economic Reasoning and Their Applications in the Caribbean

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The Caribbean has had celebrated economists who, in their works, always sought to define the Caribbean experience and produce solutions to the region’s problems. Their achievements arose out of a need for a Third World economic story that was separate from that developed in more advanced nations. Economics, however, has been regarded as a “dismal science” (Carlyle 1849) and some have questioned if it is a science at all. For this essay, we assume that economics is a science and ask “Is and was scientific reasoning a part of economic reasoning in the Caribbean?” The analysis for this paper therefore considers both the publications based on the Caribbean from the 1960s and 1970s and the recent analytical trend in the Caribbean.…show more content…
Dunbar in another article (undated) included expertise as part of the scientific thinking. Ayalon and Even (2008) notes association and plausible inference as other processes. Further reading, though, indicates that the processes mentioned may not be clear cut in their use, that is, one process may be a part of another process. Most of the methods mentioned by Dunbar and Klahr (2012) will be discussed but with considerations of other authors.

Dunbar (undated) highlighted three aspects scientific thinking, one of which is hypothesis testing. In hypothesis testing logic is applied to a set of statements. These statements or propositions are a combination of premises and conclusions. The premises and their conclusions are evaluated for their truthfulness or justifiability of explanation. How these propositions are examined is referred to as reasoning strategies. There are three strategies in hypothesis testing: induction, deduction and abduction. These three processes also referred to as Peirce’s Inferential Triad, can be used under other reasoning processes such as causal reasoning. In addition, hypothesis testing may be on an individual level or collaboratively (note that collaborative reasoning is mentioned as a reasoning process by Dunbar and Klahr (2012)).

Inferring about the

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