Scientific Vs. Pseudoscientific Thinking

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Scientific vs. Pseudoscientific Thinking
A pseudoscience that millions of people are interested in is Ghost. Ghosts are spirits that survived death to live in another realm. Many people in many different cultures believe that when a person dies only their body ceases to exist. (Spiritual Science Research Foundation, n.d.) It is believed that the person’s subconscious mind, ego and soul continues to exists and moves to another realm. According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation ghost by definition have subtle-bodies, belong to the nether region or seven regions of hell, do not exist in heaven, have unfulfilled desires, and derive pleasure out of exerting control over and tormenting humans. (Spiritual Science Research Foundation, n.d.)
A Gallup poll taken in 2005 found that 37% of Americans believe in haunted houses and three out of four Americans believed in ghosts or paranormal activity. (Radford, 2014) Other pseudoscience’s contribute to the belief on ghosts. People who claim to communicate with spirts and souls is one example of a pseudoscience that has contributed to the belief of ghost. Research completed by a sociologist of the University of South Carolina by the name of Barry Markovsky showed that humans believe in ghost as a way to explain ambiguous information. (Lewis, 2015) Ghost are often seen when the lighting is poor or when a
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Ghost Hunters if a very popular show that has been on the SyFy channel for 10 season. (Radford, 2014) All though the show has not found good evidence of the existence of ghosts it has led to millions of people believing they are real. Most people state they believe in ghost because of a personal experience that has taken place in the lives. They state they have felt or sensed an unexplained presence in a room with them or they have seen an unexplained movement or sound in a dark empty

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