Scientism Vs Religion

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Frankly, at the beginning of this course, I was most excited to tackle this question. In my chemistry classes, it is interesting to see how my professors integrate faith in seemingly contradistinctive topics. And now, I was interested to see it done from a philosophical standpoint. As a child, I remember the first time Scientism (a much milder form than what we discussed in class) was introduced as an alternative to Christianity. I remember laughing at it and thinking, this is crazy. Obviously, God created the Earth, not some big bang. However, the older I grew, I somehow felt more wrong. I heard more and more arguments supporting Scientism that sounded so valid that I began to compromise my faith. I began thinking that maybe God caused the…show more content…
All other knowledge must finally be made to fit with whatever Science dictates.” However, Scientism is not a stand-alone concrete theory. It is sided by the concept of metaphysics. Metaphysics asks questions about what is most basically real, which can’t be answered by direct observation of the physical world. Metaphysics essentially tells us not what is physically there, but what is possible. Science helps to map out these possibilities. Consequently, this proves that Scientism is unable to truly answer every question alone without either sweeping its own feet or stripping itself away to explain absolutely everything that can be measured by instruments or numbers. I was learning quickly that Scientism was not something I could base my entire faith…show more content…
In the book, Wriker and Writ, insist that one needs some context when speaking of the world. For example, they write “ a rose is most meaningful when we understand it as a kind of dramatic culmination.” This idea of context ties very well with question four, because, again, it points to design. To elaborate, they give the example of the stoma of a plant. In order to understand the stoma, we must take into account the entire plant. Only then can we understand the purpose of the stoma. (Wiker & Witt 243) Human beings, and all life, then, must have some purpose. We therefore had a designer to give us this purpose. If this designer is the beautiful triune God we praise and worship, then this purpose must be relational and
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