Scientology: The Church Of Scientology

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Scientology L. Ron Hubbard developed a new controversial religion called the Church of Scientology. Which is as an extension of his earlier psychological theories of Dianetics. Many people think of Scientology as more of a business instead of a religion. Reader's Digest quoted Hubbard in the 1940s saying, "Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion." He did just that. His religion has become a huge money maker. Church of Scientology members are expected to pay fixed donation rates that have brought great wealth to the church. It’s also considered the religion of the twenty first century. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise has made Scientology famous.…show more content…
It was founded by a science fiction author Lafayette Ronald Hubbard in 1954. He was born in Nebraska in 1911. Interestingly, he is the youngest Boy Scout Eagle Scout in history. He earned the rank at age 13. He started traveling all over Asia in his late teens. Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism influenced him greatly. He published his book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health in 1950. This is where he formulated his novel psychological theories. Dianetics is a method developed by L. Ron Hubbard for removing engrams and their negative effects from the mind. Hubbard manufactured a religion that draws on ideas from Buddhist and Hindu religious philosophy, science fiction, and Western concepts in psychology and science. Scientology is a powerful new religion. However, it’s teachings are inconsistent with the beliefs of the Christian faith.
Scientology is a strict religion, and very disciplinary against those who would try to vacate its teachings and membership. For those with means, scientology is the religion they seek. It is extremely expensive. Every part of Scientology has some sort of cost connected with it. Scientology has created a special church that caters to artists, politicians, leaders of industry, sports figures, etc. Mostly rich people. Many members are celebrities including: John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, Lisa Marie Presley, Jason Lee, Tom Cruise, and Katie
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Scientology names this the thetan. Each person's thetan is damaged by traumas and negative memories called engrams. Engrams are removed by an audit. An audit is a one-on-one session with an experienced Scientology counselor using a device. This device is similar to a lie detector. This allows you unburden yourself and eventually become a clear. This religion is interesting because there is no understanding of Jesus as Lord and Savior, no need for redemption from sin, and no recognition of the personal God. Scientology denies the existence of Christ.
It is believed that people are immortal or divine beings. They are made up of three dimensions: soul (thetan), mind (an accumulation of all past experiences in this and past lives), and body (the physical component). Engrams are hoarded in person’s reactive mind and learned from one’s past lives, prenatal experience, and early childhood. Scientology believes in the inherent goodness of man. They think it is despicable or tell a man he must repent. They do not believe that a man is
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