Scm Globe Assignment: Exploring Other Supply Chain Options to Support Growth

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I. Introduction The SCM Globe system is a learning tool whose purpose is to provide hands on education in the basic dynamics of supply chain management. During the course of the semester, while using the SCM Globe simulation and performing the activities related to the case study presented, students were afforded the opportunity to manage and operate different supply chains. Students got a firsthand feel of how supply chains operate.
A. Overview of Cincinnati Seasonings Supply Chain The Cincinnati Seasonings Supply Chain case study is a basic simulation of a simple supply chain to support a company that designs and markets food seasonings and sells its products in stores throughout the Midwestern United States.
The purpose of
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By modifying the transportation route, the trucks were able to get the product inventory to intended destinations somewhat faster which was another factor in the stores stabilizing product inventory on location.
Because the product was leaving the warehouse and getting to stores quicker, I was able to reduce the storage space which was an initial problem so the increase of costs because of it decreased. The stores showed a moderate increase in profit.
The actions I took in attempts to reduce or better yet, eliminate the issue of overabundant product inventory, included making my shipments larger so that stores where there was low inventory product could retain a normal or slightly more of the product to reduce risk of shortage. Due to making my shipments larger I added an additional truck to assist in getting the product inventory from the warehouse to the stores.
B. How could you have improved Movement along the route was one of the many ways in which I could have improved in using the simulation. I feel that if I could have transported more product inventory along the route and between the warehouses and stores, I could have created a way to lower fuel cost more without increasing storage costs. Finding ways to shorten routes and delivery times between stores would also been a benefit for the company. When I would attempt to fix
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