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1.8 Life Cycle Costing Purpose Life Cycle Costing (LCC) is an important economic analysis used in the selection of alternatives that impact both pending and future costs. It compares initial investment options and identifies the least cost alternatives for a twenty year period. As applied to building design energy conservation measures, the process is mandated by law and is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 10, Part 436, Subpart A: Program Rules of the Federal Energy Management Program. The A/E shall contact local utility companies to determine available demand-side management programs and nocost assistance provided by these companies to designers and owners. Applications Basic applications of LCC are…show more content…
These NIST materials define all required LCC methodologies used in GSA design applications. It is recommended that the A/E obtain the BLCC so ware and update from NIST. Procedures and Approach The most e ective approach to LCC is to appropriately integrate it into the design process. The building design evolves from general concepts to detailed analysis. LCC needs to follow the same approach paralleling the focus to the current level of detail study. It is extremely important for the e ective development of the project that commitments are made and retained on the building systems, in a general sense, during the Conceptual Phase. The building systems should be analyzed for appropriateness during the first stages of the Design Development Phase. A commitment on direction for the systems needs to be made at this time, and any further LCC studies focused on detail within each system. All LCC e ort should be completed in the Design Development Phase of the project. The following practices are typically required when conducting LCC analyses for building design. They are listed here to address common concerns and frequently asked questions. When defining alternatives for life cycle costing, an acceptable level of overall building services must be assured throughout the analysis period. Design alternatives must be compared against a baseline reference alternate

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