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I. Introduction SCM Globe is a supply chain game designed to teach concepts in supply chain design, demand forecasting, resource allocation, and production planning by the use of illustrating how different supply chain designs produce different operating results and explore how to manage those results. The game is performed in a real-time setting that allows for helping to create a supply chain that meet customer demands for products with the lowest operating costs and lowest inventory levels. The simulation gives students an opportunity to design and manage the supply chain of stores that sell Crunch Candy and Just Born Candy. During the simulation experience, students create products, facilities, vehicles and routes while…show more content…
The objective is to operate a supply chain that keeps customers happy with the candy and to keep cost as low as possible in the process. Also, to keep the supply chain running for at least 20 days without a crash and minimize the amount of inventory on-hand and the daily operating costs of the supply chain. Effective supply chain management can provide an important competitive advantage for a business marketer, resulting in improved communication and involvement among members of the chain, increased motivation, and decreased costs. Tracking the movement of and demand for components used to manufacture a product across a variety of potential and actual suppliers, provides insight and the ability to respond instantly to shortages, surpluses, and changes in market conditions. It seeks to optimize production, decrease manufacturing time, minimize inventory, streamline order fulfillment, and reduce cost. III. The initial supply chain scenario The initial supply chain scenario required users to download the case titled “Collaborative Supply Chain.” Google Chrome was the preferred browser recommended to avoid many issues that could be encountered with the simulation if multiple windows were open during the running of simulations. Getting started, the products created were: Crunchy1, Crunchy 2, JB Candy1 and JB Candy 2. After creating this product, several stores, factories and distribution centers
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