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Consumption and Mass Media Worksheet SCO/105 October 16, 2012 Michael S. Tuner, M.S. Consumption and Mass Media Worksheet 1. What is conspicuous consumption? How does conspicuous consumption influence purchasing decisions? Think about a high-priced item that you have bought or would like to buy. To what extent does conspicuous consumption affect your decision? a. Conspicuous consumption is receiving or buying expensive services or products that could be important or not the and individual in order to give a false impression that one is wealthy. This can greatly affect an individual’s purchasing ability because one can buy outside their means to put them in a higher earning class. Personally, I have a new found love for…show more content…
Thus reaching to an audience of higher class where money is in plethora. As far as hobbies this would be for people who enjoy music or like to listen to their choice of audio with out distractions. Leading to the conclusion that this product would be optimal to a higher class individual who travels often. f. The lifestyle presented is more of a thrill-seeking individual who can live life carelessly. This is not a realistic add because one who be killed if heading backwards on a paddleboat toward a water fall with headphones on. g. This advertisement is a photo of a beautiful waterfall with fluffy clouds in the sky and no civilization in sight. A lonely relaxed man in a small paddleboat rowing backwards dangerously close to the edge wearing the Bose head phones. The mad is small and the product being sold is hard to see as the company Bose is presenting the big picture of not being able to hear the danger nearing him. h. The hidden text is that one can feel free and not be disturbed by the out side world while wearing Bose headphones. i. Values of feeling no disturbance and feeling unchained from the normal every day stresses. j. Young children would not be interested but might mention the waterfall, still not fully understanding. An older person would see this add as a danger and would see that this product would be for someone who lives frivolously and spends money on pleasure items instead of
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