Scoliosis Is Defined As An Individual 's Self Image And The Presence Of Pain Essay

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According to (Weinstein, Dolan, Cheng, Danielsson, & Morcuende, 2008), Scoliosis is defined as an excessive (greater than 10 degrees), ‘C’ or ‘S’ curvature depending on the shape the spinal vertebrae result in. This condition can present in varying degrees of severity and pain, however there is a tendency to present within the adolescent age range of approximately 10 years – 16 years and is most prominently seen more in girls than in boys. The methods used for spinal correction range from braces to open and closed surgery, involving instrumentation and bone grafting under general anesthesia.

The following studies have compiled research theories, investigating possible correlations between the various causes of pain and potential patterns within the cohort groups. Firstly, I will investigate amongst the literature any connection in an individual’s self-image and the presence of pain. Secondly, I will look at how the information within the research studies has been compiled and if personal perspective is an associated factor in the findings. Lastly, I will explore any associated factors between the statistics of pain relief and what the studies revealed in the pain versus no pain groups.

Research conducted by, (Landman, Oswald, Sanders & Diab, 2011; Bastrom; Marks; Yaszay & Newton, 2013), both aimed to isolate possible personality factors that could influence a patient’s pain perception. Landman et al (2011), evaluated 1433 preoperative participants between the ages of 8

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