Scoot And Sully: A Short Story

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One day, Scoot and Sully were out sailing a huge boat for Sully’s birthday, taking the SEA-nic route. They were about to complete a northeast tack. It was a bright sunny day, or was it? They casually were on The Old Sea Dog, unaware about the people and dangers around them. They were almost done with their tack and they were in the bay of Baja California. Scoot and Sully were almost in the harbor when Sully gets hungry and asks Scoot to make some sandwiches. Scoot said, “Why do I have to make your sandwiches? Go make your own sandwiches.” “Just go make them. Geez, you’re so lazy.” says Sully. “Ok, fine, I have a joke for you. Why do seagulls fly over the sea?” “Why?” asked Scoot sarcastically. “Because if they flew over the bay, they’d…show more content…
Because they spend years at C!” When Sully hears no response, he pounded on the bottom of the boat, as he is above the surface of the water, he shouts, “Can you hear me at all? Ok, I’m sorry I took your dolls when we were growing up. I just wanted to have one for myself. I’m sorry for cleaning my shoe with your toothbrush. I’m sorry I - ” Sully was interrupted by sudden laughing coming from the location of where Scoot was. “I heard everything,” says Scoot, as she cracked up. “That was the FIRST time I’ve ever heard you apologize. It was so funny!” She thought it was so funny. She went on her back, floating in the water, giggling and laughing. “And wait, why did you tell me a joke. This isn’t the time for jokes you idiot.” Sully was ticked off at Scoot’s stupid joke. “Once you get out of there, IF you get out of there, you are so dead! I will tell Mom and Dad after we get off this old boat!” Sully scolds, being annoyed at the same time. “Why?” said Scoot, as she rolled her eyes, her usual appearance when irritated. “Anyway, do you have any ideas on how I can get out of here?” asks
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