Scope And Implementation Of A Vm Program

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Introduction [RELATIVE TO AUDIENCE] Scope and Implementation In order to implement a VM program an organization must assign responsibilities to perform patching and vulnerability management. For the purposes of this document it shall be referred to as the patch and vulnerability management group (PVG). This group may be a separate entity or the responsibilities may be a subset of an IT operations or services team. There may be several PVG’s within an organization, central coordination of these groups directly or indirectly must be implemented. Automate Patching As much as possible, the burden of implementing and testing remediations should be shifted from local administrators to the PVG. This should save money by eliminating duplication of effort (e.g., multiple system administrators testing the same patch on similar computers) and by enabling automated solutions, thereby avoiding costly manual installations. The easiest way to accomplish this is by implementing enterprise patching solutions that allow the PVG, or a group they work closely with, to automatically push patches out to many computers quickly. Harden Systems and Standardize Configurations For the PVG to be able to adequately test automatically deployed patches, organizations should use standardized configurations for IT devices (e.g., desktop computers, routers, firewalls, servers) as much as possible. Enterprise patch management tools will be ineffective if deployed in an environment where every IT
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