Scope And Limitation

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Web-Based Student Accounts and Record management system for Lupon Vocational High School Data duplication: the same data gets repeated over and over since the workers find it hard to keep track of the documents, information and transactions. Lack of security: since data is stored in filing cabinets it is freely available to anyone. If information falls into the wrong hands it can be used against the school and students and can blackmail them. Common errors: when entering data student and they might have accidentally switched details and data since it is hand written. Inconsistency of data: there will be unavailability for future use, since data might get misplaced during manual filing. So data won’t be preserved properly for future use.…show more content…
The proponents chose PHP because of its an open source and it also runs on different platforms which is compatible with almost all servers used today. MySQL 5 is used as data source because it is flexible and allows quick development in the database and it is free to download and easy to access. The use of a domain name over the internet maybe required if we are going to launch an online grade viewer for student. There will be assigned personnel in order to develop the said proposed system such as the researcher, analyst and programmer. Limitation: The system only allowed the administrator to reset the password of other user if they are being block due to incorrect password input. The system does allowed student to view their grade in the system. Account transaction for student during payment cannot be edited by the cashier. Only the Registrar will be the only one to review and check if there are errors being
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