Scope Statement For Sustainable Solar Toy Car Project

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Scope Statement for Sustainable Solar Toy Car Project Project Scope: Enough for everyone, forever. These words resonate with the ideas of limited resources, responsible consumption, equality and equity and a long-term perspective, all of them corresponding to important concepts of sustainable development (Coelho, D., & Fernandes, S. (2013), Sustainable development includes addressing present needs without trading off the capacity of future generations to additionally meet theirs. 'The early childhood years are the most significant and when the greatest developments in the life of a person take place and are generally regarded as the foundation upon which the rest of an individual’s life is built (Mustard 2000; Rutter, 2002). In this project will design the solar toy car its very useful for children 's know about solar power and also its fun and safe to play. The Scope of this project consists of developing a design for a Solar toy car. The design created might meet the requirements to be safe and fun to use as expressed by Giga Toys Toys®. The Scope of this project will require the design to be made with sustainable standards as the customer Giga Toys® are a sustainable organization and utilizes sustainable standards as a part of the majority of their toys. A financial plan for the project should be arranged in view of the requirements. An exploration would be directed to decide center gatherings. . Based on the research a toy shall be identified which would target the
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