Scope of Entrepreneurship Development

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Scope of Entrepreneurship development in India Introduction We are a very young nation – just over 55 years since independence – setting out on a path of sustained economic growth, for decades to come. We already have over a billion fellow Indians. Within the next 20 years, we will have 400 million people below the age of 35 years – more than the entire population of the United States! Each person, in this bold new generation, will be in the prime of his or her life, striving for a better tomorrow – creating, in the process, new growth opportunities, for budding entrepreneurs! On the most conservative basis, our domestic consumption, in virtually any sector, has the potential to at least double, or treble, from current levels –…show more content…
The success of Indian entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley is evident as proof. The only thing that is lacking is confidence and mental preparation. We are more of a reactive kind of a people. We need to get out of this and become more proactive. What is more important than the skill and knowledge base is the courage to take the plunge. Our problem is we do not stretch ourselves. However, it is appreciative that the current generations of youth do not have hang-ups about the previous legacy and are willing to experiment. Theses are the people who will bring about entrepreneurship in India. We can take the example of Vikas Kedia - one of India's most eligible entrepreneurs; he was barely 21 when he had turned his back on a possible $ 100,000-a-year job. Vikas Kedia, a graduate from the Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore, is much in demand. He has also created history of sorts in the IIM circuit by starting his own dot-com company in Bangalore, now he has his own company which is a California and Kolkata based GRMtech. At present, there are various organizations at the country level & state level offering support to entrepreneurs in various ways. The Govt. of India & various State Govts. have been implementing various schemes & programmes aimed at nurturing entrepreneurship over last four decades. For example, MCED in Maharashtra provides systematic training, dissemination of the information & data
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