Scope of Experimental Psychology

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SCOPE: Scope of a field refers to the future a particular career holds, how it is applied, its value and importance in the society. Scope varies with culture, geography, technological advancements and some other factors. All in all, scope can be briefly defined as the pulls and pushes related to a field. EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY: Experimental psychology is the most important branch of psychology. The credit for establishing psychology on a scientific basis goes to experimental method. This method is now being used more and more in psychological studies. SCOPE OF EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY: The scope of Experimental Psychology is widening with the invention of new tools and instruments for experiments. Therefore, it is in the fitness of…show more content…
In 1965-66, the Department was able to purchase some text books and laboratory equipment and began to hum with Experimental and Testing activities. A new building for this Department was considered a must by the University because its activities had greatly expanded. The present building is the outcome of that great-felt need and was designed specially as Psychology Department. The Department moved in here in 1972 and started expanding in terms of Faculty members, Seminar Library, Laboratory Equipment and Psychological Tests etc. The Department presently offers specialization in Experimental Psychology and in other branches as well. The Department is also equipped with a laboratory for experimentation and also publishes a research journal Khyber Behavioral Studies[->4]. The progress of Experimental Psychology can be judged from the psychological Journals which are appearing since 1950. The Journal of Psychology renamed as the Psychology Quarterly from the Government College, Lahore began its publication from 1962 and an Urdu Journal called “Zehan” from the same College from 1978. The Department of Psychology of the University of Karachi is publishing the Pakistan Journal of Psychology from 1978. These Journals generally publish research articles. The Zehn is giving due attention to the Muslim Contributions to the Psychology, especially their psychotherapeutic techniques. A popular quarterly magazine in
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