Scope of Public Administration

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Q). Explain the scope of public administration. While reviewing the scope of public administration we come across 2 views: a) Broader view and b) Narrower view A. Broader view : in its broader view the study of public administration is conceptualized to include the areas and activities of all the three branches of government ie legislative, executive and judiciary. It refers to all the activities undertaken for the implementation of all public policies, civil as well as military. Acceptance of such a view of public administration makes its scope very wide and large and it becomes even ambiguous and unwieldy. B. Narrower view or Managerial View: As per this view the scope of public administration is concerned only with the…show more content…
It also includes planning, programming and execution of public action, recruitment and problems connected with research, information and public relations. The sphere of applied administration implies that public administration is confined to the application of administrative decisions. Walker has made the attempt to classify the main form of applied administration on the basis of the principles. 1) Political – includes the study of executive, legislature, its relationship politico administration activities of cabinet, ministers and official relationship. 2) Legislation – includes delegated legislation and preparatory work done by the officials in the drafting of bills for legislative enactments. 3) Financial – including the whole fiscal administration from preparation of the budget to its execution. 4) Defence-includes the study of military administration. 5) Educational- covers the study of all aspects of educational administration. 6) Social- Social administration includes all administration in the social field such as housing, food, social security and employment. 7) Economic- economic administration includes all activities In the economic field which includes industries, agriculture, foreign trade, commerce, public enterprises etc.. 8) Foreign or international administration covers foreign administration which includes international
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