Scoring Rubric

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Throughout the following school year, your child will be constructively challenged and mentally stretched to meet their fullest cognitive potential. One of the way that I assess their progress and growth during the course of the year through the use of a scoring rubric. This serves as a guide for both the students and myself to be able to clearly recognize expectations before and assignment is completed, as well as what corrections, if any, need to be made after the scoring is finalized. Each rubric will be customized according to the corresponding assignment, and will be made available to students and parents prior to the completion of the assignment. There are many advantages associated with the use of a rubric, but in my own experience, one of the most significant benefits is being able to more accurately assess the students’ performance. Traditional percentage grades have their place in the classroom, but the rubric gives me a clear and concise depiction of where each and every student stands in terms of their comprehension of the content. Having the objectives and expectations enumerated gives me a simple, yet effective system for determining the strengths and weaknesses within my class, and consequently, what areas I need to add more emphasis in the future. A second advantage of using a scoring rubric…show more content…
The scoring system may seem harsh at times, but know that a student will never receive a zero as long as they are willing to give an honest effort. This system has worked for me in the past, and I am confident that it will continue the trend of tried and true success. Please, if you have any questions or concerns regarding my scoring rubrics and grading system, don’t hesitate to contact me. Your child’s continued success is my top priority, and I will do everything in my power to ensure this
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