Scorpio Vs Scorpio

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SCORPIO WITH ARIES: At first this will be very bold. Both signs are ruled by Mars and co-ruled by Mars. Aries is ready, willing, and able to sexually experiment in ways that will make Scorpio very controlling and jealous. Conflicts surround other departments. Both want to take control when it comes to making decisions. Since Mars rules the will force, their wills clash. These two truly require an adjustment as this is a quincunx aspect. Technically Aries dominates and Scorpio manages. However, those two actions are very similar in nature. Scorpio's lack of trust and brooding demeanor can be frustrating to Aries. Aries love to flirt, socialize, and explore. This enrages Scorpio. The makeup sex can be very explosive.
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SCORPIO WITH LEO: Scorpio will not stroke Leo's ego or succumb to being ruled. Scorpio seeks to penetrate the lover’s mind. Leo wants an exuberant romance along with a fan club. Tempers clash. Leo is extravagant and likes living large. Scorpio disapproves of extravagance and showiness. There's an incredible deal of bodily attraction between them. Each has a strong temper. Scorpio's controlling ways will possibly ignite conflicts.
SCORPIO WITH VIRGO: Virgo needs to learn how to keep up with Scorpio. The two minds and personalities mesh. Virgo is sensual and Scorpio is passionate. Scorpio can turn a Virgo on instantly. Both are very good with money too. Scorpio is good for raising money and Virgo is good for maintaining it. Their minds are analytical. Virgo is great with details whereas Scorpio is perfect for digging probing like a psychoanalyst.
SCORPIO WITH LIBRA: Libra may confuse Scorpio's nature as interesting. However, once that the jealous streaks become apparent it may intimidate Scorpio. Scorpio satisfies Libra's will need for affection. Libra likes to flirt and Scorpio won’t have that at all. Scorpio requires serious commitment. Libra may have challenges making decisions and find Scorpio too controlling being forced to make decisions.
SCORPIO WITH SCORPIO: Sex, sex, sex and more sex! There is an instant physical attraction. These two are too alike. That can be very strong and yet very intimidating. It can be like holding up a
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