Essay about Scotch-Irish Cultural History

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1. The Scotch-Irish were staunch libertarians, and acted upon their feelings. Sex ways and dress ways had close ties to each other in the backcountry. To talk about sex and sexual behavior was also acceptable in this culture. The dress women and men wore was meant to arouse the opposite sex. Anglican missionary Charles Woodmason wrote, “They draw their shift as tight as possible round their Breasts, and slender waists (for they are generally very finely shaped) and draw their Petticoat close t their Hips to show the fineness of their limbs– … –indeed nakedness is not censurable without ceremony.” Woodmason was appalled at how these women carried themselves, but to the women, they were sexy. Men even dressed in ways to show off…show more content…
In contrast to boys, girls were taught to be self-denying, and to be helpers to men. Corporal Punishment of children was even condemned even though practiced in the home. Even though there were many questions to be asked before some could marry, Quakers did believe in love before marriage. They believed that love should be “pure” and not tainted by the craving of flesh. To marry, couples needed permission from their families and community. Unlike in Virginia, Quakers forbade first cousin marriages, and discouraged marriages between second cousins. In Quaker households, it was more of a partnership between the husband and wife than in those of Massachusetts and Virginia. In the Delaware Valley children spoke of their “father and mother’s house.” The Quakers had a saying: “In souls there is no sex.” This meant in their culture, men and women were equal. Unlike Puritan culture, women could preach to men and women, and in a public setting. That same quote went for sexual relations in marriages. Sex in Quaker culture was looked upon as just for the purpose of conception of children. To do otherwise was looked at as fornication. To have sex just for pleasure was also fornication. Even married couples would restrain from having sex with each other if the woman was not in time to get pregnant. Married couple also occupied not only single beds but slept in separate rooms. Quakers
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