Essay on Scotland and England

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While many people in England believe that the Scottish are beneficial to their union. The Scottish people believe that their way of life and culture is at risk of becoming an English one, and for the reason, many Scots want independence. This is a good thing because it will be the first time in a very long time that the Scottish people will have a voice of their own, and choose their own fate as a nation.
First off, we will start with how and why Scotland joined with the English to form the United Kingdom, and the Darien Venture and why it put Scotland in near-collapse and total economic devastation. Second, we will discuss why both sides agreed to the Acts of Union 1706-1707. Third, we will go over the English and Scottish perspectives of
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So, Scotland had to fund the project by itself, the Scottish crown accumulated a massive sum of gold, one-fifth of the

entire wealth of Scotland, put it all aboard a ship and sent off a troupe of two-thousand and five-hundred Scotsmen who eventually landed on the shores of Panama just over one-hundred days. They then named the new Scottish colony ‘New Caledonia’ and immediately discovered some very large problems with their plan: First off, on the western side of Panama, the mountains were a lot larger than expected, making overland trade completely impossible. Even if they built a canal, the technology to do so was still hundreds of years away. Second, the Scottish goods made of wool brought to trade with the locals was absolutely useless in the perpetual heat and humidity of South America. Third, the Spanish had already planted their flags on the beaches of Panama and many other parts of South America, and they were not that grateful to see the Scots arrive. And finally, without necessary supplies, diseases such as Dysentery spread quite quickly. Two full years persisted and with the cost of two-thousand dead Scotsmen, they eventually abandoned their project. However, this was not the first failed attempt at Scottish empiricism – early Scottish colonies have been tried and eventually abandoned in Nova Scotia, New Jersey, and Carolina, but the ordeal with
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