Scott Joplin: King Of Ragtime

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Scott Joplin

Scott Joplin, the “King of Ragtime” was a revolutionary musician of the 20th century. Scott Joplin’s determination allowed him to bring life to the Ragtime genre. He worked hard to bring the sound of Ragtime into younger generations. Did you know that Jazz came from Ragtime, so without Scott we wouldn’t have Jazz ("Kids Music Corner RSS"). Scott Joplin brought life to Ragtime, created the first black operas, and the first Ragtime musicals. Scott Joplin altered the music of the 20th century.

Scott traveled America performing his songs for people who have never heard Ragtime. He traveled through western and eastern America and played at many saloons throughout Texas ("Kids Music Corner RSS"). Scott also wrote the first Ragtime
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He taught at a school in Texas to young children before he moved to New York ("Scott Joplin developed ragtime music and Black opera"). He taught black slaves in Texas during their breaks for free. When he was young, he was a slave and music brought him happiness, so he wanted that for other children slaves ("Scott Joplin developed ragtime music and Black opera"). Sometimes, after his concerts while traveling, kids would stay afterwards to learn simple songs from Scott ("Scott Joplin developed ragtime music and Black opera").

As a result of Scott’s hard work, the Ragtime genre carried on long after his death. A few of the students he taught became famous Ragtime musicians and composers, like Arthur Marshell (""). After his death, his Ragtime musicals nearly tripled in sales (""). As years went by the Ragtime genre was modified into what we now called Jazz ("").

From bringing life to Ragtime, creating the first black opera, and starting one the the most popular genres in music, Scott Joplin has made quite an influence in music history. He bring fame the genre of ragtime, which then was disliked by most people, and made it popular all over America. So the next time you hear the famous tune “Maple Leaf Rag” or “The Entertainer” you can think of the amazing backstory that led to the creation of
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